Uniform Shop Information

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Primary Boys (Prep-Year 5)

Long grey trousers, White shirt (buttons up), White/grey socks, Maroon jumper, Black school shoes, Blue blazer, school tie.

Primary Girls (Prep-Year 5)

Grey Tunic, White Shirt (buttons up), White socks, white scarf, Maroon jumper, Black school shoes, Blue Tights, Blue Blazer.

Plain White undergarment is optional during winter for boys and girls.

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Secondary Boys (Years 6-12)

Long grey trousers, White shirt (buttons up), White/grey socks, Maroon jumper, Blue Blazer, School Tie, Black school shoes.

Secondary Girls (Years 6-12)

Grey Skirt, White shirt (buttons up), White socks & scarf, Maroon jumper, Blue Blazer, Blue Summer Skirt, Black school shoes.

Further Information:

Blazer and tie are compulsory for boys in years 3 to 12.
Blazer is compulsory for girls in years 3 to 12.
White School Square scarf is compulsory for girls in years 5 to 12.
AIA school bag is compulsory for all year levels.
Sports uniform (Girls & Boys)
Primary (Prep – Year 5)

Blue bomber jacket, Blue track pants, Navy blue windcheater

Secondary (Years 6-12)

Navy blue tracksuit, Blue polo T-shirt (long sleeve for girls),

White/blue polo T-shirt (long sleeve for girls in Years 3 – 5)

In Term 2 and 3 students are required to wear the winter uniform. Summer uniform should only be worn during Term 1 and 4.


Normal operating hours:

Wednesday: 9:30am - 11:30am
Friday: 2pm - 4pm
First Saturday of every month:12pm - 2pm
First day of every term: 11am-2pm

Holiday hours:

-closed during the holidays
-re-open last Sunday of the holidays: 12.00pm-2pm

Back to school period (January/February) hours will be available at the end of every year on the website for all campuses and an email will be sent out to parents at the end of the current year.


Uniform Shop Contact details: 

The AIA Uniform Shop is located at 43 Ross Street opposite the rear school entrance of the KKCC Primary Campus in Coburg.

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can contact them via message or call on 0448734468 via WhatsApp
Notethis number is only available on WhatsApp. Calls will only be answered during business hours and messages will be answered within 24 hours.



Parents can now order the phone using the WhatsApp number or via email. Orders will be processed during operating business hours using credit card payments over the phone. Your items will then be sent to your child's school office with their details within 48 hours



Booking times are also available during the summer break and back to school period.
Note: Subject to availability.

Click on the link below for the latest uniform pricelist. 

AIA 2020/21 Uniform Pricelist.pdf