The primary focus of the Senior Secondary School at AIA is to prepare students for University and further study while preserving an environment which allows for the expression of the student’s Islamic character. Qualities attained by students at AIA include Islamic manners, academic excellence, leadership skills, striving for achievement, internationalism, multiculturalism, inclusion and respect.

Students are required to assume full responsibility for their own achievements, and the Academy and its staff will provide ongoing support for students to assist them in achieving their aims. The Academy believes that by encouraging excellence in all fields, students also have the opportunity to strive for Islamic excellence. It is expected that students work hard towards the development of all the skills necessary for success in their further studies.

The Academy believes that all individuals must develop self-discipline and this is possible only within an environment where discipline is valued. Students are therefore required to accept all the policy requirements of the Academy as they are necessary to ensure the aspirations of the individual, family and the community.

The Senior School at AIA sets high demands on students in the understanding that achievement comes at a cost of time and effort. Students are required to make an honest and consistent attempt to work towards high achievement, and the Academy and its staff will work with all concerned to maximise the student’s success in all areas.

The educational programs offered by the school cater for the diversity in student interest and level of abilities to ensure that all students maximise their potential and aspirations in their adult life. Students at the senior school undertake the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) to meet the necessary academic entry requirements for tertiary education.

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VCE Information Book