Year 7 Camp

The year 7 Camp will take place on 17-19 October for girls and boys.

Girls will be at Lady Northcote Camp site

Boys will be at Camp Acacia

General Information: The camp program is an integral part of our school curriculum and experience. We encourage and promote the understanding that all year 7 students will attend the camp.

The main aim of the camp is to prepare the students for outdoor living and natural experience. The students take part in a range of activities, which include religious and Islamic instructions and practices, character team-building activities and outdoor activities.

All students assist in the organising of house-keeping tasks including food preparation, cleaning and maintenance of the living quarters. All food will be halal. The menu will consist of main meals, beverage, fruit, snacks and desserts. The students were engaged in a variety of activities.

Students are supervised at all times. The attending Imam will lead the students in all the obligatory prayers and discussion sessions will be organized to provoke the students’ interests into their own faith.


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